About Us

Flavio Antonio Rivas, Master Tailor:
At the age of 7, Flavio Rivas’ father began teaching him the art of tailoring garments. For years now, Flavio has been putting his skills in the spotlight at Newbury Tailoring and as a result he has been named Boston’s best tailoring shop by Boston Magazine multiple times. Over the years, the shop earned local accolades for it’s exquisite needlework. Boston magazine wrote, “Only Rivas and company, given a fur-trimmed ’60s-era coat that was two sizes too big and six inches too long, came through like champs, producing a glorious brand-new garment.”

Carlos Rivas, Tailor:
As Flavio’s brother, Carlos began learning the trade from an early age. Always with great charm, Carlos makes it a priority to cater to his clients. There is no better combination other than Flavio and Carlos.

Sonia Rivas, Owner:
Sonia is an aspiring entrepreneur that seeks to transform the trade of tailoring into the modern world. She plays a crucial role in daily upkeep and is determined to make long-term relationships in each client she meets with each personal project in-mind.

Walter Rivas, Manager:
Walter’s positive attitude and graceful demeanor strengthen the team at NT. You will always find him greeting you at the front desk, ready to provide you with any service you need.

The Rivas Family strives hard to make their clients happy. They are eager to meet you and embrace their dedication to perfecting the trade of sewing to exceed your expectation. The talent at Newbury Tailoring is always up for challenges, as well as performing everyday clothing repairs and tailoring in flawless fashion.

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